The State Chancellery’s flow of petitions in 2018

Published on: 16/01/2019

During the past year the State Chancellery examined over 4047 petitions from citizens, of which 598 were in electronic form; there were 185 petitions more in comparison to 2017 and 608 petitions more in comparison to 2016.


As a result of information systematization, it was found out that the most of the citizens ‘problems related to the pension’s recalculation, valorization and indexation (in the total of 504 petitions). As in the previous years, the complaints are with reference to law enforcement bodies and central and local public administration, regarding the financial, health and social assistance. Thus, 2555 petitions were redirected to ministries and other central administrative authorities, and 908 petitions - to the local public authorities.  The subdivisions of the State Chancellery examined 998 petitions.


Data analysis shows that biggest numbers of petitions were in October in the number of 581 and 66 citizens were in audience.


The official website of the Government of the Republic of Moldova - and the State Chancellery’s site - have been updated to the needs of citizens regarding the petitions examination and audience results.